“Reverse Linked List” Javascript solution Cheat Sheet

The “Reverse Linked List” is in the easy category and is a good start for understanding more challenging algorithms using a linked list as a data structure. I will focus on explaining a solution that works and not on the O time and space complexity.

Challenge: “Given the head of a singly linked list, reverse the list, and return the reversed list.”LeetCode




Create variables to keep track of reassigned values and iterate until we reach the end of the linked list.

1.Create variables to keep track

let currentNode = head;
let previousNode = null;
let nextNode = null;

2.Iterate until the end of the linked list when the head is equal to null

3.Reassign nodes values

nextNode = currentNode.next;
currentNode.next = previousNode;
previousNode = currentNode;
currentNode = nextNode;

4.Return reversed list link

return previousNode;

Solution :



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